Caring for our hosts has been a fundamental value at OUTRIGGER for decades. As we celebrate our 75th anniversary now and the 30th anniversary of The OUTRIGGER Way in 2023, OUTRIGGER is launching a special non-profit called the OUTRIGGERCares Foundation designed to lend a helping hand through a modest financial grant to hosts experiencing an unexpected crisis.

What is the Foundation?

It is OUTRIGGER hosts caring for OUTRIGGER hosts. We all experience ups and downs in life; sometimes the financial down times need just a little bit of support to get us through and give our beloved families hope.

How does the Foundation help?

Hosts in Hawai‘i and Denver who are experiencing a significant financial and/or life-threatening hardship to themselves and/or immediate family are eligible to apply.

A special Board of Directors of OUTRIGGER hosts from many levels and functions approves all grants.  Grants do not need to be repaid the support is another way that OUTRIGGER helps hosts.

How is the Foundation funded?

OUTRIGGER is launching the Foundation by a corporate donation and through personal donations by the OUTRIGGER executive team (VPs and above). Ongoing funding is through voluntary contributions by OUTRIGGER hosts at all levels entry level through the CEO and fundraisers coordinated by the Foundation Board. 100% of all donations go to helping hosts.

If you wish to be a host that helps other hosts at OUTRIGGER, consider being part of the ‘ohana making an ongoing donation to the Foundation just complete the attached form and send it in the enclosed pre-addressed envelope to Human Resources or through Workday which is easy. Your contribution will be kept confidential to only a handful of hosts. If you have any questions, please contact your manager or HR at any time.

How do I apply?

To apply, please click on the appropriate link below for the application. Please download the application and fill it out completely. Email your completed application form and any supporting documents to [email protected].


Caring for Our Hosts. It’s the OUTRIGGER Way. Mahalo for your consideration.

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